Phew, that was close!

So first module of the MA Course is complete. I managed to sneak a MERIT grade. But what did I learn from it, overall?

I suffered from a lack of clarity of thinking about what I wanted to do. I had ideas as to what I might include on my project, but the ideas did not remain constant, they changed all the time. I did not nail down a concept to follow and develop, early enough, which mean that I wasted a lot of time when I could have been devleoping the work. I therefore put myself under an unnecessary amount of pressure, and had to 'sprint' to get the work done in time.

I did this on both assignments, and my grades (I feel) suffered accordingly.

So in future, I need to remember that I achieved a Merit having put myself under unnecessary pressure; I should be able to secure better grades if I remember that I can do this, be confident that my concept is good and workable, and devote the time to developing the material rather than prevaricating and doubting whether the concept is viable.

I also had to dump a lot of material; my concept for my project is "Conflict, Trauma, Scars and Tattoos". My thinking was that I would include physical scars, and mental scars; but also include landscape and infrastructure scars too. However the word count was very restrictive, at 1500 words, and there was no way I could develop any of the strands to an informative level if i included all the strands. Therefore I had to ditch some of the planned material, namely the material regarding relating to landscape and infrasturcture.

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