Positions and Practice PHO710 Topic 5: INTERDISCIPLINARY PRACTICE

Updated: Sep 4

Some of my photography is centered around aviation; mainly historic aircraft. I have a lifelong interest in military aviation and military aviation history. I have taken thousands of aviation images over the years, at airshows, museums and at airports, and decided that I could take some of my images and make them into art pieces rather than ordinary photographs, the advantage being that I can totally alter the images to project a specific picture.

I decided to take an iconic subject, that of the Dambusters Raid in May 1943, and produce a piece of art related to that. At the time, I was next of kin for an elderly Uncle who had recently been confined to a care home as he had been diagnosed as being unsafe to live on his own. As he lived in Manchester, the two hour journey involved driving along the Woodhead Pass in Derbyshire, and alongside the Woodhead Reservoir. The reservoir is a long reservoir created artificially in the 19th Century to provide potable water to the expanding conurbation of Manchester.

Having seen many documentaries, as well as the famous film 'The Dambusters', I thought that the Woodhead Reservoir would provide an adequate backdrop for image of the Lancaster at low level over the water. I stopped on one journey to see my uncle and took some photographs of the reservoir, and edited it

when I got home, to look more like a painting than a photograph. I then selected a photograph of the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight's Lancaster, taken previously whilst it was flying in the circuit at it's base of RAF Coningsby near to my home, and edited that in a style that was similar to the landscape background against which it would be displayed. The resulting image is shown here above.

I was also privileged to get awarded one of the limited allocaton of tickets to the official retirement photoshoot at RAF Marham when the Panavia Tornado was retired from RAF Service in 2019. We were escotred onto the air base and were able to get up close to three Tornado aircraft in special colour schemes. Below is an artistic edit of a Tornado outside itsoperational Hardened Aircraft Shleter (HAS), with a close up of the 'Bat' that adorned the tail fin of the aircraft of iX (Bomber) Squadron.

I really enjoyed the exercise of turning a photograph into a painting-like image, and enjoyed producing art based on photographs.

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