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April 2022 


Absolutely brilliant shoot! I felt comfortable at the beginning as Shaun was just so easy to talk to and a great listener! We shared many stories and had a blast! 

He directed me if needed, saying a pose would look slightly better at a slightly different angle or a head tilt or whatever necessary! We had excellent communication and will shoot again in the future I am sure!

Jade Alexandra:

Had the best first shoot with shaun on Tuesday! Shaun arrived promptly and drove me to micheals studio in Nottingham, great studio with a variety of backgrounds and Micheal is lovely also! We had a great shoot and managed to get lots of awesome shots! Shaun has an amazing collection of lingerie for use and was extremely prepares! Look forward to shooting again really soon! Would deffo recommend shaun and Michael laus studio


March 2022


Had a fantastic shoot with parks

We shot for several hrs which flew by

He came equit with lots of lingerie

I would recommend I look forward to our next shoot




Debbie said: 

Fantastic shoot with his legend!


Shaun booked in a fairly last minute shoot with me whilst I was touring the midlands and oh my god I’m so glad he booked!  From start to finish myself and Shaun didn’t stop talking, great banter!  We worked through loads of sets during our shoot and got some cracking shots. 

Thank you so so much for booking Shaun, I think you’re amazing! You certainly made my trip an enjoyable one!  Hopefully we get the opportunity to work together again when I’m in town next year

Debs. Xx




This was my 3rd shoot with Shaun, the second being 2 days prior to this, and he did not disappoint!

On time for the shoot and came with lots of ideas and plenty of helpful tips (plus the conversation and jokes flowed easily) the nature of this shoot was for a present so was more risqué than I would usually do, however Shaun was a true gentleman and ensured I was at ease throughout the shoot.

Comms were fantastic throughout and it was easy to get everything organised as the plan was so clear.


I have received the edited photos back, and they did not disappoint! Definitely recommended! I look forward to shooting again some time soon!😊😊

Jenny James

I had a shoot with Shaun today and as expected based on our phone conversations he's a lovely guy. We had a good natter all the way through with a side of banter! Caught some great pictures and had an enjoyable day. I hope to see him again (Especially as he brought me jaffa cakes....always a winner!) - Jenny James.

Charli Jo various shoots

Another absolutely AMAZING shoot with Shaun! Was nice to be back in the studio after some time off and got right back to it! Thankyou so much again Shaun! Can’t wait for our next shoot!!x

This was our second shoot and again I can not recommend Shaun enough! Pre comms is always fabulous and we really put both of our heads together to produce some fantastic images!

Lots of ideas planned! Fabulous to work with!

I can not recommend Shaun enough! We had such a fabulous shoot and it was so smooth and easy going! Thankyou to Michael too! Can’t wait to work with both of you again in the near future! Xx

Annie Mae

Always easy to have a shoot with shaun.

Doesn't push boundaries and helps boost confidence!

Highly recommend and would always choose him to work with.

ML Photo Studio

Shaun is a resident at our studio and we couldn't be happier about it. He's an excellent photographer, a gentleman and great to be around. He's also totally trustworthy, and treats models, colleagues and the studio with utmost respect. I highly recommend him as a photographer but rate him even more as a human being.


This is all in spite of the fact that he shoots Nikon, supports Chelsea and prefers oddly shaped balls. :) 


Had my first face to face shoot with Shaun after a few remote shoots. Shaun was awaiting for me at the studio, we had talk about various ideas but Shaun was also happy to go with my outfit choice and ideas. Shaun is very chatty which made the shoot very Relaxed and fun. Shaun is very respectful of levels and also of models comfort. We are are talking about more ideas for a another shoot. Would recommend a shoot with shaun and look forward to another one in the future

Tiana Kaos

I had a lovely shoot with Shaun the other day!  Pre comms were excellent and the shoot itself flew by, we had such a laugh and many good conversations whilst working, shooting and getting great pictures. Shaun is a lovely, knowledgeable guy who knew what he wanted to create, relaxed and kind!

Most definitely recommended! 

September Sparkles 

Had my very first shoot with Shaun at Michael Lau Studio, after being rescheduled a few times due to covid. Shaun is very chatty, easy get along with & pre comms before the shoot very good & knows what he wanted from his shoot, good input by both.

Thanks again Shaun. Will book our 2nd shoot soon 😊

Katey Model

I had a great first shoot with Shaun. We had planned this shoot a while ago (postponed due to COVID a few times!) however we finally got to work together yesterday.  Shaun is very polite, friendly and professional. We had a clear plan due to Shaun’s mood boards he shared with me so on the day of our shoot we had lots of ideas ready to go as soon as we arrived. 

Shaun makes a very pleasant atmosphere with plenty of good conversation, laughs and of course great photo taking.

Drew 1402

Last minute shoot, baring in mind had been talking about it for months but everything fell into place yesterday! Arrived on time and communication was good throughout the organisation process.


I was made to feel comfortable and confident and was able to pose confidently. Communication is still brilliant talking about edits.


Conversation flowed really easily and any barriers that were up, were brought down.


We are in talks about a second shoot and I cannot recommend highly enough! Would definitely shoot with Shaun again!

Coco Bloom

Had a great first remote shoot with Shaun using Shutter App. Pre shoot comms were great and we both added to a mood board for this collab so we both input ideas and knew exactly what theme and outfits were to come.

Shaun was also good at helping me direct the camera.

The shoot was a lot of fun, lots of chats and laughs and I would definitely recommend Shaun to all models.


Thanks for a fun shoot 


Second great remote shoot with Parkes.


We both had a clear plan of action with what photos we wanted to achieve but with limitations on space we had to adapt some of the poses to suit the space which Parkes was very understanding about. Once again pre comms were great and the care and consideration of my levels and comfort was amazing, at all time he was making sure I was happy with a pose making sure I was covered and comfortable with the parts I was showing. We were able to have a chat and a giggle during the shoot which is good and helps with it being a relaxed and natural shoot.Again I’d highly recommend a shoot with Parkes.

Tazy First Shoot

had a great first shoot with Shaun, this was a first for us both with the lockdown we have been limited so we attempted a remote shoot.


throughout Shaun was very easy going, relaxed and chatty which is great.

with the remote shoot we had a few issues technology side but Shaun was very patient throughout.


Shaun had great ideas but was also happy to go with some of my ideas. im super excited for the edits and when lockdown is lifted so we can work together in person.

Nova Evelynne

I absolutely loved my shoot with Shaun!


Pre comms were excellent and we had a lot of ideas on what we wanted to shoot. We chose to shoot a bunch of images that had an eerie style to them by using SFX wounds makeup. Although the wounds makeup ended up being a disaster as the fake wounds weren't sticking to my skin, Shaun didn't let this discourage him and we both decided to just continue and get some great images!  I loved my shoot and Shaun taught me a lot of useful tips that I can use in future shoots. It was a very fun day and it was lovely to meet Shaun. I would recommend Shaun to absolutely anyone!



Doug said:

My pleasure Shaun, ... your aviation images are amazing and the one of the Lancaster over water is brilliant, my father was a radio operator/air gunner on them during the war so I have a great affinity for that incredible aircraft.

Aug and Sept 2020

Leonie Snow said:

My shoot with Shaun today at ML studios in Nottingham was certainly one of the most enjoyable shoots I have done. He is a top bloke, chatty, smart and incredibly easy going - this made for a great atmosphere and buzz in energy, and I quickly got into the spirit of our creative flow. His direction was perfect and we bounced ideas off eachother very well. It's not often you find a photographer so friendly and easy to get on with from the get go, and who so clearly knows what he's doing. I would work with him again in a flash! Thanks Shaun for a great shoot 


Salem said:

I had a 4hour shoot but it went by like minutes. I felt totally comfortable, the studio was great, the experience was truly phenomenal. Mr Shaun sure kept the shoot entertaining with great conversations and explained the processes of what he was doing along the way. His work is truly impressive, spot-on, it was truly *7 star* Thanks, Mr Shaun. I really look forward to working with him again. I'll highly, highly recommend him.

Fleurdelis said:

Fantastic shoot with Shawn Parkes at Michael's ML studio....Lovely and very interesting guys to talk to made working a bonus and a pleasure. The communication was professional and comfortable and on shoot the interaction was just as easy. It was an easy interplay of ideas and Shaun obligingly listened to my suggestions and followed through. We respected each others ideas in order to obtain the best results and I was very happy with what we obtained. I would happily work with Shaun again ..


Mike said:

Just a quick note to say thank you for all of the hard work and artistry Shaun brought to our shoot at Michael Lau Photography in Nottingham on Tue 25/08/2020. After excellent pre-shoot comms I was sure we'd hit it off straight away and so it proved to be, with Shaun taking no time at all to stamp his mark on our shoot based on the look of DCS Christopher Foyle from the Anthony Horowitz-authored TV drama 'Foyle's War'. Shaun's light touch is paired with straightforward direction where need be, and this - combined with a wicked sense of humour - resulted in a very successful day all round. A photographer who deserves all the success he achieves, and with whom I share a lot of outside interests, I can only offer Shaun very best wishes for a bright future and look forward to us working together on the couple of shoots we've already discussed as soon as possible.

Matt Lakin said:

Had an excellent shoot with Shaun today. Pre shoot comms were excellent. He's a genuinely lovely fella, very professional and he worked extremely hard to capture the various looks we were after during the shoot. We exchanged various ideas and covered a few different styles as the time flew by!

I really enjoyed working with Shaun. A quality photographer with a nice relaxed manner. I'd certainly work with him again in the future...Highly recommended!


Earlier References 

Jade said:

Shaun is the best! Applied for a casting call he put out, and im so glad I did. From the first email, i knew it was going to be an epic shoot, Shaun is full of personality and ideas! We shot at my house, and it ran without problems..Great at direction, Shaun is the perfect tog for any level of model.

Already planning our next shoot, yes that's how amazing he is..


Got to spend another day with this legend! Shaun is hands down one of the best togs... Ever! We always have a laugh when shooting, making the whole day more enjoyable for both of us. We ended up shooting 3 full sets in one day at my house, and the images kick ass. He is my tog soulmate, and i look forward to our shoots in the future.

Miss Amy Carter said:

This was my second shoot with Shaun and he was just as professional as the first time I worked with him. He came to my house as we had decided to do a studio shoot from my home, he arrived on time and really prepared with all the relevant lighting and props needed. He was kind and friendly as always and made me feel so relaxed whilst shooting. He had plenty of ideas and was not pushy when it came to my levels of modelling. We created some beautiful images that are really high quality and I am so pleased with them. He is nothing but professional, I would definitely recommend anyone to work with him. Will definitely be working with him again soon.


I finally got to work with Shaun after having to rearrange a couple of times due to unavoidable circumstances. He was very understanding of this which made my life a lot easier and was very helpful when trying to find a date that suited the both of us and another model. Shaun arrived on time and was very easy to get along with right from the start. He found an awesome location to shoot in and had plenty of ideas I advance. He made me feel very relaxed and had a great sense of humour. He also gave good direction as well as letting me share my own ideas. I have already seen a couple of photos from the shoot which look brilliant and I can't wait to see some more. I really enjoyed our shoot and will definitely be working with Shaun again.

Sharon said:

Had a really good shoot. Arrived on time. Very relaxed and fun. Shaun’s really friendly and chatty which instantly made me feel at ease. Good with direction which helped as I’m still quiet new. Certainly recommend him.

Claire said: Had an amazing shoot with Shaun today. The correspondence was brilliant and incredibly detailed, including what to expect from the shoot and helpful tips to prep. He was on time and extremely organised and set up very quickly. Shaun is a fun and friiendly guy who created a nice, easy going atmosphere for a shoot with his conversation and jokes, which was highly appreciated as it was my first lingerie shoot. His portfolio boosters are a great idea as he has lots of posing knowledge and keeps the model well included in what he's trying to achieve. Would highly recommend Shaun for his great attitude and professionalism as well as the quality of images we were able to capture together. Would love to work with him again!


My second shoot with Shaun ran as I expected - brilliantly! He is incredibly organised and knows just what to get out of each shot. A great friendly guy as well as a good laugh. Can't wait for another chance to work with him


Amber said: I had a great shoot today with Shaun at my flat - he's ever so friendly and chatty. We created some great images together. I really enjoyed working with Shaun and hope to do so again. Highly recommended!

Trevor said:

Shaun and I have been friends for a while in real life but never shot together. He recommended a model Rhean that he had worked with and after looking at their images I discussed shooting together at Boston Mini Studio. Shaun and Rhean were good fun to work with and we had a lovely shoot.. All in all a very enjoyable day with both of them.

Rhean said: Yesterday was my second shoot with Shaun and a fantastic one at that! I modelled vintage pinup and I felt very confident and at ease with Shaun who photographed me alongside Trevor. He's a fab guy and has a great sense of humour to keep the smiles flowing! He captured some outstanding images. Highly recommended once again 😄

Amy said: After months of trying to arrange a shoot with Shaun, we finally managed it last week! Pre shoot comms we fantastic and he knew what kind of shots he was hoping to capture before the shoot. Shaun is a really friendly and chatty guy. It felt as though we had known each other for ages rather than our first shoot. I'd highly recommend Shaun to both new and experienced models. I can't wait until our next shoot.


Rhean said:  I had an excellent time modelling for Shaun this evening, communication beforehand was outstanding, ideas were clearly portrayed and agreed, the evening went smoothly and he is professional and is easy to get along with, I was more than comfortable with Shaun; he is trustworthy, respectful and polite with great ideas in mind. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 😄

Chantelle said: FANTASTIC DAY!!!  3rd shoot with the lovely Shaun today! Highly professional, friendly, easy to talk to, easy going....think I could chat to this guy for hours! Carried plenty of spares, props, fully organised on locations. Even brought a flask of coffee! what a legend! Cannot recommend enough!!! Thanks for a fantastic day matey xx


Collabed with Shaun today on a 40s 50s style fashion and vintage lingerie shoot with the added bonus of visiting a transport museum to fit the theme! I took many outfits with me but to my suprise Shaun thought ahead and had his own little prop box which came in handy! Shaun is extremely professional and works to a high standard, he is full of ideas and equally listens to yours and shared easily. I felt very comfortable the whole time, had a laugh and great conversation. Highly recommended! Thanks Shaun!!!! Had a lovely day!! Xx


Worked with Shaun for the first time on an army style military gas mask shoot, he is so professional, came prepared and is really easy going, I would highly recommend to anyone! Thanks for an epic shoot! More shoots planned for the future!

Peach said:  Had an amazing shoot with Sparx, he is super respectful, creative and lovely! Perfect combo!

Crystal said: I must say that Shaun with make up artist Alice Snell were a real pleasure to work with today. They were both extremely professional throughout and a real joy to be around. Shaun knew exactly what he wanted out of the shoot whilst still being open to ideas. Made me feel more involved which was great. I would definitely recommend Shaun and I look forward to our next shoot together, which is already being planned.

Alice Snell (Make Up Artist) said: I work with Shaun on a very regular basis and couldn't recommend him highly enough. Shaun is not only a really lovely and warm guy, he is a highly professional photographer. Shaun is brimming with his own unique ideas, but is also so open to any ideas I want to work on! Always on time, professional and friendly with a very good kit! He has introduced me to a lot of new models which I am very grateful for. You 100% need to work with Shaun!

Tania said: Great photo shoot with Shaun this week, working on vampire/slash jack the ripper theme. Always have fun when working with Shaun, we have many ideas planned for further shoots soooo excited. fully recommend Shaun to everyone. x

Wolfman said: Worked with SParx early hours of this morning during the cold wind and rain for a "Jack The Ripper" styled photoshoot. SParx was great to communicate with and made everything simple and effect with arranging the shoot and got an excellent mind for location. His direction was brilliant, he knew what type of shots he was after and helped tell a story through his photography which I'm very big on, and everything matched to our theme of what we were going for. He is very friendly, easy to get along with and a really artist, although we had the weather against us he was willing to carry on shooting to get some fabulous photos. Would totally recommend and definitely look forward to working with again.

Tania said: Once again had a great photo shoot with Shaun, all ways makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. Makes me good coffee during breaks and is all ways patient with me even when I had a stocking failure. I fully recommend Shaun to everyone .

Katie said:  We finally got to work together yesterday after a lot of chatting and exchanging ideas. Definitely worth the wait. It was a real fun shoot, with lots of fun ideas and craziness. I love the results and can't wait till next time.

Martin said: Had the pleasure of working with Shaun on my 2nd shoot with him. He was totally professional and easy going. Made me feel totally relaxed and was patient. Totally recommend him and can't wait to work with you again.

Vanessa said: Had another amazing shoot today with the lovely Shaun. We went to Biscuit Studios, neither of us had shot there before. Today myself and model, Martin worked together with snakes, this was all new to me but Shaun never put any pressure on me and was patient throughout the shoot when we had to stop to keep positioning the snakes. As always Shaun made me feel 100% comfortable in his presence and we all had a really fun, laid back shoot. I am really looking forward to working with you again on the 23rd xx

Silvia said: Had another brilliant shoot with Shaun, this time i approached him asking if he'd be interested in shooting a romantic shoot.with my boyfriend and I. He as always was brilliant to work with, even more when he had to put up with my boyfriend being silly all through the shoot, and was happy to try ideas and think of more ideas; we had a fun day and happy that the weather kept nice for us, I love all the images, super pleased and definitely can't wait to work with him again. Super bigger Thank you Shaun.

Harmony said: really got on well with Shaun, really good ideas and conducts himself very professionally; (I) loved the images we shot today great concept from him! looking forward to our other shoots we have lined up


Sinopa said:  I had the pleasure of working with Shaun today. We worked on some portraits as well as some gel-lit lingerie images. Shaun is very experimental with light which produced some interesting results, and between sets we had a good giggle. I'd absolutely recommend Shaun to anyone looking for a relaxed, considerate and easy-going photographer, and I look forward to our next shoot.

Bonnie said: Had a brill first shoot with Shaun today and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. From the moment of initial communication, I knew Shaun was going to be easy going and great to get along with. Shaun was everything I expected plus more, he has a great sense of humour, friendly, approachable and professional. We worked very well and produced some fab images and content. Shaun is very highly recommended and I hope to work with again in the near future.

Bella B said: I had my first ever photo shoot with Shaun yesterday.. He made me feel very relaxed.. I couldn't of had anyone better to do my first shoot with! I'm very happy with the photos we captured together.. I would 100% shoot with Shaun again!

Southern Belle said: I had a great shoot yesterday with Shaun. His pre-shoot communication is great and he is a very friendly man who I felt very comfortable suggesting my own ideas to the shoot. He had picked a lovely location for us to shoot at which was a country estate and the shots look really ideal for the summer evening look we wanted to achieve. I hope to work with Shaun again.